Friday, June 22, 2012

"Xbox 720": Joke title or serious?

I was on this morning and I read an article about a leaked document which revealed the next generation console for Microsoft. The document supposedly revealed the name (Xbox 720 *gasp*), price, features, and 5 year plan and Microsoft's law firm, "Covington & Burling", managed to get the leaked document removed from the original source.

When IGN asked M.S. about this, the billion dollar company responded with the same spiel about not commenting on rumors and speculation.

Now, obviously, I can only treat this as a rumor, but it's still interesting. Sometimes leaks like this are completely correct, sometimes they are partially correct, a little bit correct, or not at all.

Of course, it's more likely that M.S. is not ready for anything to be released and that is why they had that document taken down.

I do believe that "Xbox 720" is most likely a code-name. Yeah, it's probably going to be an "Xbox" system, but the use of 720 doesn't seem possible at all. Why? Because of how it's always been used as a form of mockery by critics of the Xbox 360 console.

If Microsoft does use this, it could increase that mockery. But then again, they've received it for others things and probably would see this as no big deal.

Here's the link to the IGN article that I read:

I will be posting more on this when more details are revealed.

- Mouse

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